Swimming Pool Maintenance and Repairs

Swimming Pool Maintenance Provided in Adelaide

Want to take the hassle out of swimming pool maintenance Adelaide?

We can provide a range of pool maintenance services and swimming pool equipment Adelaide including:

  • regular pool maintenance and cleaning – whether it is weekly, fortnightly or monthly,
  • holiday pool maintenance – for peace of mind while you are away,
  • one-off visits as required – to clear up a cloudy or green pool or to fix an equipment problem.

We have no lock-in contracts.

Our fully trained, in-field technicians are able to diagnose and repair all swimming pool problems, including water clarity and algae problems, equipment faults and pool plumbing problems.

Our regular pool maintenance visit includes:

  • A comprehensive water chemistry test and re-balance of the water if necessary (chemicals not included)
  • Skim the surface for debris
  • Brush all surfaces (floor, wall, steps) and vacuum to capture fine debris
  • Backwash the filterĀ (if required)
  • Empty and clean the skimmer box and pump baskets
  • Inspect equipment and check the timers.

We stock a complete range of spare parts for most brands of pool equipment.

We are an authorised warranty and repair agent for Onga pumps, Waterco water systems and Hayward pool cleaners.

We also provide an in-house pump and motor repair service, as well as repairs to all brands of automatic pool cleaners and salt water chlorinators.