Robotic Pool Cleaner - 10 great reasons to buy one!

Robotic Pool Cleaner is a must-have for any pool owner!

While the robotic pool cleaner has been around for over 20 years, it is only in the last 4 – 5 years that they have become very affordable for the average pool owner. This has allowed the Robot to now be a common sight in many of our customers pools.

There is now an absolutely massive choice available for pool owners with so many brands and multiple models making the decision to purchase a robot somewhat confusing.

Without a doubt the most reliable and efficient robot we have found on the market today is the Dolphin M Series Robotic Pool Cleaner manufactured by Maytronics. Having repaired many other brands of cleaner in our workshop and observed the inefficient surface coverage combined with poor debris and dust removal of these cleaners, we cannot recommend the Dolphin M series highly enough.

Certainly from our experience and positive comments from our customers there are many reasons to choose a Dolphin Supreme M Series Robotic pool cleaner

10 Reasons why our customers are buying a Dolphin Supreme Robotic Pool Cleaner

1. Saves you time by not having to manually clean your pool.

2. Saves you money by only using approx 150 watts of power per hour compared to approx 1000 watts per hour when cleaning with the pool pump or running the suction cleaner.

3. Frees up the skimmer box to skim the surface unlike when using most suction cleaners.

4. Independent debris collection – Reduces amount of backwashing. All debris is collected by the internal filters taking the load away from the pool filtration system.

5. 3 year warranty showing full confidence in the products reliability.

6. Advanced algorithms ensure the fastest most efficient clean providing better pool  coverage.

7. Filters the pool water independently allowing the Dolphin to operate even without the pool filter running.

8. Cleans the walls and the waterline.

9. Unique swivel system prevents cable from tangling and optimizes the robots maneuverability

10. Software protection system prevents the cleaner from getting stuck.

All of these reasons mean we have great confidence in recommending and selling the Dolphin M400 and M500 robotic pool cleaner as the best robotic pool cleaner on the market today.