Why do I have a cloudy pool after windy weather?

Leaves and branches = cloudy pool!

Due to the recent high wind experienced in Adelaide lately, most pools are suffering with an influx of leaves and branches. This is causing many problems including damage to pool equipment and cloudy pools. The high quantity of leaves are causing skimmer baskets to block up which slows the water flow to the pump, resulting in the pump running dry and melting or distorting internal pump components. In some cases, the baskets will split, allowing the leaves and twigs to enter the suction pipe, causing a blockage. The leaves may also clog then split the lint pot basket which will then block the vanes of the impeller. The large amount of debris is also causing a high demand on chlorine levels and causing problems like a cloudy pool and algae blooms.

blocked skimmer basket

What to do?

After this type of weather I would recommend:

  • Regularly emptying both the skimmer and lint pot basket,
  • Removing any automatic pool cleaner and manually vacuum cleaning the pool,
  • Testing and adjusting the Ph to 7.4 -7.6, and superchlorinating the pool water.

I would also suggest the use of a clarifier if needed and circulate the pool for an extended 24 hr cycle to clear up a cloudy pool and restore sparkle.

If damage to any equipment occurs, Pool Care stock most brands of baskets and pump parts. We can visit you onsite to rectify blockages or pump problems. For water quality issues you can bring in a sample of water with a good description or photo of the pool condition for a free water test. We can then give you the best advice on how to bring your pool back to a safe, sparkling and algae free condition.